Looking for the best Similarweb alternative? 

You’re in the right place.

Similarweb is an outstanding SEO tool packed with multiple useful features that will blow away your mind.

It also has a popular Chrome extension that lets you see the Alexa rank and search traffic of any website.

Even though it’s a great tool, the pricing can be a concern for many who don’t have a huge budget for SEO tools.

You probably already have your own reason to look for Similarweb Alternatives. That’s why you’re actually reading this post.

Whatever your reason is, in this post, we’re going to uncover some of the best alternatives to Similarweb that you can use.

So let’s get right into it!

5 Best Similarweb Alternatives & Competitors (2023)

1. Zutrix

Similarweb alternatives Zutrix

The first Similarweb alternative we have on our list is none other than Zutrix.

But why Zutrix?

Because we’re one of the best and most affordable Similarweb alternatives, you can ever find on the internet.

Zutrix is packed with super useful features, such as a rank tracker, backlink monitor, and keyword research tool.

It also has a SERP API that you can use in your own projects with easy installation.

Zutrix uses the latest AI technologies to provide you with the most accurate rank-tracking results every single time.

If you’re an agency or a freelancer, you can even generate white-label customized reports for your clients with your own company logo in a matter of a few seconds.


  • Easily track your keyword rankings in every country, city, or language with AI-powered accurate data.
  • Track your competitor’s SEO performance to measure your weakness and strengths.
  • Share live links of your projects and dashboard with your clients or teammates with an option to set custom permissions.
  • Integrate Zutrix’s SERP API into your projects seamlessly.
  • Generate truly custom SEO reports for your clients with your own domain and logo.
  • A world-class keyword research tool that digs the internet to find the best keyword ideas for you.
  • Measure the competition and effectiveness of any keywords using real-time metrics such as search volume, competition, trend data, and CPC.
  • Track your live backlinks easily from one single dashboard 24/7.
  • Get spam scores of each backlink and easily disavow the spammy links right from your dashboard.
  • Get real-time instant alerts for any major ranking changes in your keywords.


The starter plan of Zutrix starts at $9/month, which includes 10,000 backlink monitoring credits, 250 keyword tracking credits/daily, 250 API requests, and 50 keyword searches.

The pro plan costs $28/month and includes 25,000 backlink monitoring credits, 1000 keyword tracking credits/daily, 1000 daily API requests, and 250 daily keyword searches.

On the flip side, the most premium agency plan costs $54/month, which lets you monitor 75,000 backlinks a month, track 2500 keywords daily, send 2500 API requests a day, and search 2500 keywords.

You also get up to a 30% discount if you choose to buy the annual plan, and you can even pay with crypto as well.

2. SpyFu

SpyFu SEO tool

SpyFu is one of the best competitive analysis tools and a great alternative to Similarweb.

Just like Zutrix, it’s also an affordable solution that lets you spy on your competitor’s SEO activities and steal their rankings.

SpyFu has more than everything that you would need to analyze your competitor’s organic and paid traffic performance.

This tool has been trusted by Fortune 500 companies like Adobe, Amazon, and Microsoft, along with thousands of users.


  • Research what keywords your competitors are ranking for and easily download it in a CSV or Excel file.
  • Spy on each of your competitors in your niche and notice if there are any significant changes in SEO rankings.
  • Get a complete keyword ranking history of any keyword, web page, or website in a single click.
  • Create custom-branded SEO reports for your clients that illustrate their SEO progress in the simplest form.
  • Check the backlinks of your competitors filtered by keywords.
  • Track your own SEO keyword rankings based on a specific demographic and device type.
  • Monitor your PPC competitors efficiently.
  • Compare your own and competitor’s PPC ads.


SpyFu has three different plans. Each plan comes with different usage limits and access to certain features.

Following are the prices of SpyFu’s different plans:

  • Basic plan: $39/month
  • Professional plan: $79/month
  • Team plan: $299/month

However, if you purchase the annual plans, you’ll get almost a 60% discount on this pricing.

Also, API access and custom report branding are only included in the Professional and Team plan.

SpyFu also offers a 30-days (no question asked) money-back guarantee in case you’re unsatisfied with the tool.

3. Ahrefs

Sites like Similarweb Ahrefs

If you have been in the SEO space for quite some time now, you should probably already know about Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is undoubtedly one of the best SEO tools out there on the market, especially for backlink research.

And it’s also one of the best Similarweb alternatives.

From Analysing your competitor’s backlink and keyword profile to auditing your website and tracking your keywords, you can almost do anything with Ahrefs.

It also has best-in-class data and one of the fastest crawlers on the web that helps to provide the most accurate data every time.

If budget is not a constraint for you (although it’s cheaper than similarweb), Ahrefs can be the ultimate solution for you.


  • Complete competitive analysis tool that lets you analyze the keywords, backlinks, and traffic of your competitive websites easily in one dashboard.
  • Find out thousands of keyword ideas for over ten different search engines and 171 countries around the world.
  • Get crucial metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty score, and traffic potential to evaluate each keyword based on data (not guess).
  • Automatically scan and audit your whole website for any on-page or technical SEO errors, along with solutions to fix that.
  • Monitor your keyword ranking progress based on different variations, filters, and parameters.
  • Research and find out fresh content ideas for your website to drive traffic and build backlinks at scale.


Ahrefs is a bit expensive, to be honest.

The base plan of Ahrefs starts at $99/mo, which includes all the basic features such as an SEO dashboard, site explorer, keyword explorer, site audit, rank tracker, etc.

The standard plan of Ahrefs costs $199/mo, and it includes everything in the base, along with additional features such as content explorer, competitive analysis, report sharing, and batch analysis.

Now, if we move towards a little more premium plan, the Advanced plan costs a whopping $399/mo and comes with additional features such as 2 years of backlink and ranking data, web explorer, lookout studio, and dashboard folders.

If you run a large company or agency, you can even go with the enterprise plan, which costs $999/mo and comes with added benefits such as unlimited backlink and keyword history, team access management, audit, and API access.

Each plan comes with one power user, who can consume 500 credits (each activity counts as one credit) per month. Credit usage is excluded from the rank tracker and site audit.

4. SEMRush

Alternatives to Similarweb SEMRush

SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing tool and one of the biggest competitors of Similarweb.

It has everything you would need to run your marketing campaigns.


Paid Ads.

Social Media.


Literally, everything you can think of.

But most of the time, people use SEMRush for SEO activities such as keyword research, domain overview, and competitive analysis.

You can uncover millions of untapped local and international keyword ideas that you can target and easily rank for.

You can even steal your competitor’s backlinks by analyzing their backlink profile and how they are acquiring backlinks.

However, It’s also an expensive tool going head-to-head with Ahrefs.

If you don’t have any budget issues, it’s worth checking out this powerhouse tool.


  • Find out tons of profitable and low-competitive keyword ideas that you can easily rank for.
  • Manage up to 2000 keywords in a single place by automatically clustering them.
  • Site audit for finding out any issues within your on-page or technical SEO, along with solutions to fix that.
  • On-page SEO checker to optimize your pages or blog posts in real time.
  • Track the daily ranking changes of your keyword based on a specific country, location, or device type.
  • Find out hundreds of unique and high-quality link-building opportunities to boost your website’s authority and SERP rankings.
  • Analyze the organic and paid traffic of your competitors with extensive filtering options.
  • Manage your complete social media channels from one single place and schedule your social media posts to automate everything.
  • Find out dozens of engaging and attention-grabbing content ideas that your ideal customers would love to read.


The pro plan (base plan) of SEMRush costs $129.95/month and it comes with features such as competitor analysis, keyword research, social media tools, website audit, and more. This plan allows you to create up to 4 projects, track up to 500 keywords, and show 10,000 results per report.

The Guru plan, which costs $249.95, comes with some additional features such as a content marketing toolkit, historical data, multi-location and device tracking, Looker studio integration, and more. You can create up to 15 projects, track up to 1,500 keywords and view up to 30,000 results per report inside this plan.

The last and most expensive plan of SEMRush is the business plan, which costs $499.95/mo and comes with some advanced features such as share of voice, extended limits, API access, PLA analytics, free migration from any third-party tool, and more. If you buy this plan, you can create up to 40 projects, track up to 5,000 keywords and see up to 50,000 results per report.

If you pay annually, you’ll get up to a 17% discount on this pricing.

On top of that, SEMRush also offers a 7-day free trial that you can use by giving your credit card details.

5. Mongools

Similarweb Alternatives Mangools

If you’re looking for sites like Similarweb, Mangools should be on your priority list.

Mangools is basically a set of SEO tools that are going to help you in every part of your SEO journey.

The Mangools toolkit consists of separate SEO tools like:

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

Let’s understand what each of the tools really does:

KWFinder: It lets you find hundreds of untapped long-tail keyword ideas based on a location, language, or specific domain address.

SERPChecker: As the name indicates, SERPChecker is a SERP analysis tool that lets you surf the SERP smartly. You can get SERP reports of up to 50,000+ local locations as well.

SERPWatcher: SERPWatcher lets you track the keyword rankings of your website with daily up-to-date data. You can filter even filter the data based on different locations or devices.

LinkMiner: LinkMiner is a backlink checker tool that lets you find high-quality and easy-to-get backlink opportunities for your website.

SiteProfiler: SiteProfiler is an SEO analyzer tool that shows you crucial metrics like domain authority, page authority, citation flow, and trust flow of any website.

Apart from these toolsets, Mangools has a clean and easy-to-use beginner-friendly UI that anyone can use without any learning curve.

It’s one of the most affordable Similarweb competitors that you can use.


  • Find low SEO difficulty keywords to bring free targeted traffic to your website.
  • Get SERP information for any website for over 50k+ local locations.
  • Set up keyword rank tracking and track your keywords on different locations and device types.
  • Look at the link profile of your competitors and find out powerful backlink opportunities in seconds,
  • Check website authority and some other crucial metrics of any website.


Mangools has four different plans:

  • Entry: $29/month
  • Basic: $49/month
  • Premium: $69/month
  • Agency: $129/month

Each plan comes with different usage limits, but you get to enjoy all the features no matter what plan you choose.

You can even try out the tool for FREE without giving your credit card details.

But, obviously, you’ll get little to no usage limit.

They even offer a 48-hour money-back guarantee which is a little weird since most companies provide a 30 or 14 days money-back guarantee.

Overall, this tool is worth its price if you compare it with any other Similarweb alternatives.


So there we have it.

These are some of the best Similarweb alternatives that you can use to supercharge your SEO game.

But which one do we recommend?

Obviously, we recommend you at least try out Zutrix since it’s the most affordable alternative to Similarweb, and it comes with tons of useful features to help you rank your website.

That being said, we’ll not try to push you to choose Zutrix just because we’ve created it.

The final decision is up to you.

You can choose any tool from this list of Similarweb alternatives depending on your budget and feature requirements.