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Use Zutrix's Free Word Counter to Count Number of Words,
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Zutrix's free word counter is an essential tool for writers. It provides information about your content's length, such as the number of characters with and without spaces, number of sentences and paragraphs. All this information is essential in determining your article's readability and writing style.

Why Does Word Count Matter?

Word count is dependent on the requirements of the project you're working on. Some projects require a short text, while some require lengthy content. Whichever the project, it's important that you adhere to the words needed without using less or exceeding the amount. A word count tool ensures that you meet the word count requirements of your project. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to consider your word count:

It Makes Your Content Worth Sharing

When preparing digital content, chances are you'll want it to be shareable. A short post only briefly explains the topic and may not resolve the readers' questions. However, a long piece includes relevant and detailed information about a topic, making it appealing to your readers.

Generally, posts with more than 1500 words tend to attract more shares, increasing your leads and audience. Therefore, if you are looking to get a bigger audience, it's best to focus on writing long texts that offer thorough explanations to the reader.

Keeps Readers Engaged

A good writer knows how to keep their readers engaged. Most readers visit a page to see if they can get the information they need. If the post is not engaging or interesting, they bounce off to find a more engaging piece.

A high bounce rate can significantly lower your rankings since Google rates your website based on how much time readers spend on it. So, to keep your posts engaging, be sure to use easy-to-read words, avoid the fluff and write a longer post with all the relevant information needed.

It Makes You a More Disciplined Writer

As you grow your writing career, you'll realize that word count is very important, especially in digital marketing. At first, it might be very hard to maintain the limit of words given. But with time, using the word count tool helps you become disciplined as you adhere to the set requirements. A word counter helps you know how many sentences to use in a paragraph and the length that's acceptable for SEO rankings. You need to track the backlinks of your website? Try Zutrix's backlink monitoring tool.

free word counter

Word Count for SEO

As an online content creator, search engine optimization should be your priority and focus. You want to ensure that your audience can find your posts and share them widely. To do so, you need to consider your word count among many other writing factors.

In most cases, long-form content tends to improve your SEO rankings. This is mainly because you can include a lot of information in the text, and there is also an opportunity to add link-banks. So, by using the word counter, you can ensure that you use the right amount of words in your text.  

How Does the Word Count Tool Work?

Using the word count tool is very easy. You only need to follow a few steps to get it right. First, copy your text and paste it into the toolbox. Then, hit the count word button, and within a few seconds, your word count gets displayed.

The word count tool helps you know the exact number of words, sentences, characters and paragraphs used. You can use it to calculate words in Microsoft Excel, PDF files and Google Docs, among more. Even better, it’s a free word counter with no limit to how many times you can use it.

It has additional features such as the keyword density checker, which helps you know the number of times you've used a keyword. In the word counter, it's known as the word frequency counter, and it's usually on the right side of the text box. It helps you know if you have used enough keywords or if you have overused them.

Why Should You Use a Word Counter?

Though you can use software such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word to count the number of words or characters in your text, it's best that you use a word counter tool. A word counter is not limited to a particular file format. You can use it for Instagram captions, Facebook posts and Microsoft Excel sheets, among other formats.

You can access the word count tool through any device, be it your computer, phone or tablet. Even better, you don't have to download the app or create an account with this tool. You simply paste your text and check the word count without the need to register or sign in.

It’s very easy to use and reduces the need to guess or count your words no matter the length of your article. Also, you can use it to tell the number of anchor texts and keywords in your content, which is essential in SEO rankings. Typically, it’s a great tool for bloggers, digital marketers and any other content writers.

But, it's important to understand that word count is not the only way to increase your website traffic. You need to choose the right keywords, publish great content and use the necessary links. To get great SEO rankings, consider contacting Zutrix to understand and get more ways to increase your ranking.