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Search engine optimization (SEO) is still essential today. That’s because 53% of website traffic comes from organic search. In order to generate great SEO rankings, you’ll need to optimize your content for the right keywords.

But seriously, this is stuff any business or marketer knows. The key is knowing the best and most affordable tools for keyword tracking. And there’s a great and free keyword tool that you likely use every day: Google.

Google offers a feature called Google Suggest where they come up with related search terms based on a query. Here’s how to use it for your keyword research.

What Is Google Suggest?

Google Suggest search is a feature where Google suggests similar keywords based on your queries. Google suggests similar keywords when you type in your query and they autofill keywords suggestions based on what you’re typing.

Google offers multiple suggestion tools. They offer a “related searches” section on the bottom of your search result and they even offer a “People Also Ask” section where they display questions related to your query.

How many keywords are suggested? This depends on the query. You could see as few as three suggestions and as many as 10.

What may seem like a simple search engine query actually results in a complex process. When you type in your keyword, Google is doing a lot behind the scenes. Their algorithms identify similar terms based on not only the most relevant but best keyword matches.

What happens when you click on one of the suggested keywords? You’ll see the search results page (SERP) for that keyword, too.

Keep in mind, Google Suggest is now known as Google Autocomplete, but both terms are interchangeable.

Why Does Google Offer the Google Suggest Tool?

Google Suggest offers many benefits for the user. As you’re typing your query, Google can identify what you’re searching for and can give you suggestions to improve your search engine experience. This also speeds up the search process while providing better results.

How does Google know which suggestions to list? This is where the SEO benefit comes in. Remember how we mentioned Google is busy in the background? They’re not only searching for keywords related to your query but are searching their database to suggest queries used frequently in the past.

Like many keyword platforms, Google takes your query into consideration while suggesting others. Google is the same in that it uses non-human involvement and its complex algorithms; but unlike other platforms, it’s completely free!

There are other reasons why Google offers Google Suggest for both marketers and common users alike. They will also list the newest search terms that are gaining traction as well as trending searches. This way, you can always create topics based on the latest trends.

Benefits of Using Google Suggest for SEO

The main benefit of using Google Suggest for SEO is to get effective keyword suggestions for free.

Your primary and secondary keywords are essential foundations for effective content optimization. Your keyword research can impact your content in other ways, such as the way it performs and if it will be successful or not.

Google Suggest offers other benefits to your SEO strategy. You can use Google Suggest to discover how people are searching for your brand. On the contrary, if Autocomplete isn’t offering branded keyword suggestions, this may show that you need to improve your branded SEO.

You can also optimize your content for keywords with intent. As stated previously, Google Suggest identifies suggestions based on past search history. Google can identify your audience’s intent, so you can understand your audience better.

Downsides of Using Google Suggest for SEO

Google Suggest is a free and effective tool, but it does have its shortcomings. For example, you have to manually jot down every keyword suggestion. While it’s not the end of the world, it is pretty annoying — especially since keyword rank tracker platforms can provide reports.

Even though you’ll be able to see suggested keywords, you won’t see crucial performance metrics that a rank tracking tool can offer, such as traffic, CPC, and more.

Common Questions About Google Suggest

Are you still unsure if you need Google Suggest or a keyword platform? Here are common questions that others have asked. This may help narrow down your options.

Does Google Suggest Have Any Limits?

It depends. If you’re searching using an application that’s submitting an API key then you’re restricted to 1,000 searches per 24 hour period. However, there’s no limit if you’re searching using a Places Javascript Library.

What About Localized Keyword Suggestions?

One of the benefits of Google is you can easily narrow your search to your region by going to Settings (located under the search bar) > Search Settings > Region Settings. Select your country or the country you’re targeting. As an alternative, you can keep the results set on “Current Region.”

What if you want to target a specific city or district? Based on the regional settings mentioned above and where Google detects your IP address is located, they will automatically offer localized search queries when you type in something like “restaurants in [city].”

All of this applies to search queries in different languages, too. Under the same Settings tab, find Languages and click it. Google will offer a range of languages. Click the language you want to use.

You can save these settings by going to “Currently Showing Results In” on the same page, selecting “Edit,” and select the language.

Is Google Suggest Right for You?

Not sure if you need Google Suggest or a keyword planner? While Google Suggest is free and accurate, it doesn’t offer the complexity of a keyword research tool. With it, you’ll be able to type in a query and will see performance metrics, traffic amounts in a certain time period, and more.

The best part? There are powerful keyword planners available for free! Take Zutrix’s Keyword Planner as an example. The Zutrix Keyword Planner offers insights into search volume, trends, and keyword suggestions.

If you want to get started using Keyword Planner, all you have to do is sign up for free access. No credit card is ever required.

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