Zutrix Launches Brand New YouTube Keyword Tool

It’s easy to make a tool, but consistently improving it is hard.

We at Zutrix know the value of consistent improvement and that’s why ever since we launched Zutrix, we have added so many new outstanding features and tools.

And most importantly, we are glad that all of our users are absolutely loving the new features and tools that we’re adding.

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve added another brand new tool that will specifically help YouTube creators and businesses to grow their YouTube channels.

Introducing Brand New Tool of Zutrix: YouTube Keyword Generator

We’re thrilled to announce our new tool - Zutrix YouTube Keyword Generator.

Zutrix YouTube keyword generatorIt’s a keyword generator tool for YouTube that will help you to find out the keyword ideas that people are searching for on YouTube.

If you want to grow on YouTube and want your videos to show on top of YouTube search results - This is the tool that you would need.

And you know what the best part is?

It’s completely free.

Get The Real-Time Keyword Metrics

With the Zutrix YouTube keyword generator, you’ll get more than just a list of keywords.

Besides generating a keyword list, this tool will also show you various different keyword metrics like:

  • Search volume

  • CPC

  • Trends

  • Competition

Based on this keyword data, you can easily select the right keywords for your YouTube videos.

And these days, it’s always better to make a data-driven decision than following your gut feeling.

On top of that, We continuously update these keyword metrics on a daily basis so that you can get the most accurate data of keywords.

Why Keywords Plays a Crucial Role in YouTube Search?

YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine and the second most visited website after Google.

Billions of people use YouTube search to find out videos about various different topics.

And these days, Google is also showing up YouTube videos heavily on Google search results as well.

But do you know how search engines like YouTube rank a video?

Of course, there are plenty of factors and complex sets of algorithm that plays a role but the main factor is the keyword.

In other words: YouTube ranks a video based on the keyword.

In fact, according to Brigssby, 90% of top-ranked YouTube videos include at least a part of the target keyword in the video’s title.

So in short, if you want your videos to rank on YouTube, you have to find out keywords that your potential customer or audience might be searching on YouTube search…

...And then you have to optimize your videos around that keyword.

Basically, keywords are the core foundation of YouTube search.

How to Use The YouTube Keyword Generator Tool of Zutrix?

This tool is super easy to use.

For using the tool, log in to your account -> Click on “Keyword Planner” from the sidebar.

Zutrix dashboard

Then click on the “YouTube” tab, type in any keyword or topic, and click on “search”.

YouTube keyword tool

And now it will come with hundreds of keyword ideas around the keyword or topic that you’ve typed in.

For example, let’s say you want to create a video on pancake recipes.

So simply type “pancake recipe” on the search box and click on “search”.

Then you can see the tool suggests tons of keyword ideas related to the term “pancake recipe”.

YouTube keyword list

And along with that, it also shows you search volume, competition, CPC, and trends.

If you want your videos to go viral on YouTube quickly then the trends metrics will help you a lot because it shows you what kind of keywords are trending and what’s not.

What Makes Zutrix YouTube Keyword Generator Better Than Other Tools?

There are two major things that separate the Zutrix YouTube keyword generator from other YouTube keyword tools:

  • Clean and intuitive interface

  • Accurate data

While other tools are making their interfaces complex for the user, we at Zutrix trying to make the interface of our tool clean and easily accessible.

Even if someone doesn’t have any idea about SEO & keyword tools, still they can use this Zutrix YouTube Keyword generator without any confusion.

Other than a clean interface, we have also used some complex sets of algorithms and some latest technologies to provide you with the most accurate keyword data.

Wrapping it Up

We’re extremely happy to add this brand new feature for our users.

And this is just the starting of our journey.

We are also working on a few other things that we will introduce very soon.

Stay tuned.