Are you looking for some best Serpstat alternatives that can help you supercharge your SEO and marketing performance?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Even though Serpstat is a great tool that comes with plenty of toolsets and features, it might not be a good fit for everyone.

That’s why in this post, we’ll show you the seven best Serpstat alternatives you can start using right now.

All of these tools are not only superior in terms of features, but some of them have really affordable pricing as well.

So whether you’re a newbie or an expert, you’ll probably get the perfect software for you in this list.

7 Best Serpstat Alternatives in 2023

1. Zutrix

Serpstat alternatives - Zutrix

Zutrix is the best Serpstat alternative you’ll ever find on the market.

We’re not just saying this because we have great features, but Zutrix costs almost half the price of Serpstat. So it’s pretty pocket friendly too.

If you’re looking for a solution that provides excellent features at an affordable cost, you can’t ignore Zutrix.

Zutrix has plenty of valuable features that can boost your SEO performance in no time. Some of the highlighted features of Zutrix are rank tracking, keyword research, backlink monitoring, SERP API, Competitor analysis, and much more.

If you’re an agency or freelancer, you can generate white-label SEO performance reports for your clients in a single click.

We have also included a new functionality on the tool that lets you create shareable project links so you can share the project progress with your teammates efficiently.

The tool also sends you real-time notifications over slack or email for any significant ranking changes on your website.

Last but not least, Zutrix has a clean and interactive user interface that anyone can use without hassle.

Key features of Zutrix

  • Real-time keyword rank tracking over various search engines.
  • Track your keyword rankings based on geo-targeted locations and device type.
  • AI-powered accuracy.
  • Share your project or results with your teammates by creating a unique shareable link.
  • Clean and beautiful user interface.
  • Find unique keyword ideas along with important metrics.
  • Monitor your backlinks and stay on track.
  • Track the keyword performance of your competitors.
  • Easy to integrate SERP API for your projects.
  • Create white-label reports for your clients with your own logo.
  • Get instant notification on any major ranking changes on your website.


Currently, we have three plans:

  • Starter: $9/mo.
  • Pro: $28/mo.
  • Agency: $54/mo.

You’ll get a massive discount on the plans if you get the annual subscription.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush is an great alternative to serpstat

With over 10 million users, there’s no doubt SEMRush is one of the most popular marketing tools on planet earth. And we can’t deny that it’s also one of the great alternatives to Serpstat.

While Serpstat mainly focuses on SEO and PPC, SEMRush has toolsets for almost all aspects of marketing.

Starting from SEO to content marketing to social media, you can do everything with SEMRush.

Even though SEMRush has many toolsets, most people mainly use this tool for SEO purposes.

Using SEMRush, you can find out untapped keyword ideas in seconds, along with the vital metrics of each keyword.

You can also analyze the backlinks of your own or your competitor’s website using the backlink analytics toolset.

Not just that, but you can even run a backlink gap analysis of up to 5 competitors and figure out where your website is lacking.

SEMRush comes with an on-page SEO checker that helps to optimize content for better search rankings.

Key features of SEMRush

  • Run site audit smoothly and get actionable solutions to fix your website issues.
  • Optimize your content for better search results using the on-page SEO checker.
  • Find tons of new and untapped keyword ideas in seconds.
  • Track keyword ranking changes based on a targeted geo-location or device.
  • Analyze the organic SEO performance of your competitors.
  • Find the keywords that are driving the most traffic for your competitors.
  • Competitor PR monitoring.
  • Content auditor.
  • Advertising research.


The biggest drawback of this tool is the pricing.

SEMRush has three plans:

  • Pro: $119.95/mo.
  • Guru: $229.95/mo.
  • Business: $449.95/mo.

It’s a little expensive for most newbies. And even after paying so much, you get a very limited number of features on the pro plan.

If budget is not a concern, you can definitely go for the higher plans.

3. Ahrefs


The next Serpstat alternative we have is – Ahrefs.

We don’t think we have to introduce this tool. It’s a leading SEO software used by hundreds and thousands of marketing professionals all around the globe.

If you’re into search engine optimization, you probably have heard about this tool multiple times (or might have used it too).

You can do wonders with Ahrefs.

From keyword research to backlink analysis, you can do everything inside Ahrefs.

Unlike SEMRush and Serpstat, Ahrefs doesn’t focus on other aspects of marketing, and they only have toolsets for SEO.

The Ahrefs keyword explorer is a super efficient keyword research tool, and the accuracy of this tool is outstanding.

The site-auditor of Ahrefs lets you find any internal error on your website that might affect your SEO performance negatively.

And it also shows you solutions to fix those issues.

Besides that, the backlink analysis tool is the most popular toolset of Ahrefs. It provides better and more accurate backlink data than most of the tools out there.

Key features of Ahrefs

  • Find winning keyword ideas in seconds.
  • Get accurate metrics of each keyword for evaluating the keyword efficiently.
  • Run an in-depth analysis of your website.
  • Conduct competitor analysis and find out where your competitors are winning.
  • Monitor and track your keyword ranking progress from one single dashboard.
  • Research new content ideas.
  • Find new backlink opportunities.


Just like SEMRush, Ahrefs is also not a cheap option.

Right now, Ahrefs has four plans:

  • Lite: $499/mo.
  • Standard: $199/mo.
  • Advanced: $399/mo.
  • Enterprise: $999/mo.

Of course, these are not affordable plans for most folks who are just starting out. This might not be a good option if you’re on a budget.

4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is another amazing all-in-one SEO software that’s an outstanding alternative to Serpstat.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or an agency, you can use SE Ranking at any stage of your journey.

The tool has a decent number of features, such as a keyword rank tracker, website auditor, on-page SEO checker, backlink checker, backlink tracker, and much more.

The highlights feature of SE Ranking is the keyword rank tracker. The rank tracker can track your keyword rankings across all the major search engines, and you can even track your rankings based on a specific location.

With SE Ranking, you can not just track organic search results, but you can also track your ad positions and Google map search positions.

Besides rank tracking, SE Ranking also lets you run an in-depth audit and helps you find on-page and off-pages issues within your website.

Overall, it’s a great tool packed with some powerful features.

Key features of SE Ranking

  • Track your keyword rankings on various search engines.
  • Location and device-based rank tracking.
  • Easy to use website auditor.
  • On-Page SEO checker.
  • SERP Checker.
  • Backlink tracker to monitor your website backlinks.
  • Webpage Monitor.
  • Backlink Checker.
  • Keyword suggestion tool to find some untapped keyword ideas.
  • Keyword Grouper.


SE Ranking has three different plans:

  • Essential: $31.20/mo.
  • Pro: $71.20/mo.
  • Business: $151.20/mo

However, the pricing varies based on the ranking frequency you want.

If you choose the daily frequency, the price will be the same. But if you select the weekly frequency, you’ll get a whopping 40% discount.

5. SpyFu


SpyFu is a competitor analysis tool for SEO and PPC. It has been trusted by brands like Amazon, Mircosoft, and Salesforce.

Unlike other Serpstat alternatives, SpyFu doesn’t come with loads of features.

But if competitor analysis is a crucial part of your SEO and PPC strategy, SpyFu can be a double-edged sword for you.

From your competitor’s backlink profile, keyword rankings, and PPC ads, you can spy on your competitor’s every single activity.

And your competitors would never know that you’re tracking them.

One of the great features we found of this tool is that it lets you see the ranking history of your competitors.

Last but not least, you can even generate custom branded SEO reports for your clients in a single click.

Key features of SpyFu

  • Spy on your competitor’s PPC keywords.
  • Monitor and track the PPC campaigns of your competitor.
  • Check on competitor Google ads history.
  • Research and find the winning keywords of your competitors.
  • Check the keyword ranking history of any website.
  • Check competitor backlinks and filter them out based on keywords.
  • Create custom branded SEO reports for your clients without any hassle.


SpyFu has three plans:

  • Basic: $39/mo.
  • Professional: $79/mo.
  • Team: $229/mo.

6. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite - serpstat alternatives

SEO Powersuite is a bit different than all of the tools on this list.

Unlike other Serpstat alternatives, SEO Powersuite is not a cloud-based software. You would have to install the software on your computer to use it.

In this era, where most of the software’s going cloud-based, SEO Powersuite is still following the same old path.

If you’re used to cloud-based software, it’s not going to be as efficient for you to use this tool.

But if we keep this downside aside for a moment, you can realize the power of this tool.

SEO Powersuite has four different toolsets:

  • Rank tracker.
  • Website auditor.
  • SEO Spyglass.
  • LinkAssistant.

And each of the toolsets works differently.

SEO Powersuite has almost all the features you would need to thrive on search results and has a laser-sharp accuracy on the data it provides.

If you don’t have any problem installing the software on your computer device, SEO Powersuite can be a total powerhouse for you.

But installing the software can be a real hassle.

Key features of SEO Powersuite

  • Track keyword rankings of your website and keep monitoring the performance.
  • Track geo-specific keywords.
  • Easily automate and schedule tasks and let the tool handle the rest of your work.
  • Generate 100% customizable SEO reports for your clients.
  • Run an in-depth website audit and find out the errors that might be holding you back in search engine ranking.
  • Get a report on core web vitals.
  • Site structure visualization.
  • Find new link-building opportunities.
  • Look at the backlink source of your competitor.
  • Outreach directly from the tool without using any external add-on.
  • Monitor your backlinks easily.


SEO Powersuite has two plans:

  • Professional: $299/year.
  • Enterprise: $499/year.

They don’t offer any monthly plan, but you can even purchase the toolsets individually, which relatively cost less amount of money.

7. Moz


The last but one of the most competitive Serpstat alternatives we have on this list is none other than Moz.

Moz is very well known in the SEO space, and almost everyone has used the Moz bar at least once in their life.

Just like most of the other tools on this list, Moz also comes with plenty of useful features that you can use to improve your search ranking and grow your traffic.

You can do keyword research, track your keyword ranking, run backlink analysis, create a sitemap, and pretty much do everything using this one single tool.

Besides this, Moz also has another useful toolset known as “Moz Local.”

Moz Local is an outstanding tool for local businesses who want to improve their local search ranking. 

Using Moz local. You can manage and sync your local business listings on Google, Facebook, and other major sites.

You can also delete any duplicate listings automatically using this tool.

Last but not least, you get a powerful reporting system, and you can easily manage your online reviews hassle-free.

Key features of Moz

  • Run on-demand site audits to discover any technical or on-page SEO issues.
  • Analyze the backlink profile of any website along with metrics such as anchor text and domain authority.
  • Track your keyword performance across 170+ search engines.
  • Discover thousands of untapped and unexplored keyword ideas that are easier to rank.
  • Manage your local business listings efficiently.
  • Powerful and custom SEO reporting system.
  • Manage your online business review easily.


Moz Pro has four plans:

  • Standard: $99/mo.
  • Medium: $179/mo.
  • Large: $299/mo.
  • Premium: $599/mo.

But Moz Local has different plans, and you have to purchase it separately.

Here are the plans of Moz local:

  • Lite: $14/mo.
  • Preferred: $20/mo.
  • Elite: $33/mo.


So these are the best Serpstat alternatives you can find on the internet.

If you’re looking for a powerful tool on a budget, we recommend you try out Zutrix. We only offer seven days trial for $7 that you can take risk-free.

However, you’re completely free to choose any of these tools as per your preference.