Despite the fact that SEO is a time-consuming procedure, its importance has not diminished in the age of social media.

If you want to reach your target audience without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on ads, you must have to adopt SEO.

When it comes to SEO, there are plenty of SEO tools that you can choose from.

And SE Ranking is one of them.

SE Ranking is a fantastic SEO tool for both large and small SEO projects. Its keyword research tool, on the other hand, occasionally exhibits irregularities, encouraging consumers to look for alternatives.

However, this tool is not for everyone.

They have some flaws too, and for that reason, you might want to look for reliable SE Ranking alternatives.

But which one should you choose?

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best SE Ranking alternatives that you can use to boost your SEO rankings and improve your SEO performance.

So without wasting any further time, let’s dive right in.

6 Best SE Ranking Alternatives & Competitors

1. Zutrix

Zutrix - best SE Ranking alternatives

Zutrix is one of the best SE Ranking alternatives you can find on the market.

It’s a suite of SEO tools designed for individual marketers, large teams, and SEO agencies to improve their SEO performance. It comes with plenty of useful features and tools that can help you skyrocket your SEO growth.

We use artificial intelligence and the latest technologies to provide you with the most accurate rank tracking data for your website. You can not only track your own keyword but your competitor’s keywords too, all from a single tool.

Apart from that, using the keyword research tool of zutrix, you can find out plenty of useful keyword ideas that you can target.

And using the backlink monitoring feature, you can monitor how many backlinks you’re getting along with the spam score of each backlink and an option to disavow the links.


  • Keyword lab: Zutrix’s Keyword Lab is a fantastic product covering all aspects of keyword research. You can use this feature to find out plenty of golden keywords ideal along with useful keyword metrics such as search volume, competition, CPC, and trend data.
  • Competitor analysis: The platform provides excellent competitor analysis capabilities. You can view the essential stats for a specific rival of your business for selected keywords. You can also track the keyword rankings of your competitors.
  • Great reporting option: This allows you to create “Scheduled Email Reports.” You will receive the email in PDF format, and the report you’ll receive will be well-designed and easy to comprehend. You’ll also find a part in the report that allows you to evaluate the keyword’s performance for the chosen domain.
  • Notification: Zutrix sends you notifications for any crucial ranking changes in your website.
  • Rank Tracker: Zutrix uses artificial intelligence to provide the most accurate keyword ranking data and monitor it overtime.


  • The UI is simple to use.
  • Excellent precision.
  • Keyword tracking based on location.
  • Notifies you of any changes in your ranking position in real-time.
  • The keyword planner of zutrix is an outstanding tool for finding relevant keyword opportunities
  • With Keyword lab, one can analyze any keyword and find its relevant metrics.
  • Schedule automated reports.
  • Track your competitor keyword rankings easily.
  • Affordable pricing options.
  • If there are any significant ranking changes in your website, it will send you an automatic notification.
  • For agencies and freelancers, there is a white-labeling option.
  • There is a free version of the tool available.


  • Currently, Zutrix has only four sets of tools, but we’re adding more tools in the coming few months. There are such huge cons in Zutrix.


Zutrix has four different plans to choose from:

  • Starter – $9 per month in which you can track 50 keywords.
  • Basic – $28 per month in which you can track 250 keywords.
  • Standard – $54 per month in which you can track 500 keywords.
  • Advanced – $99 per month in which you can track 1000 keywords.

2. Serpstat


Serpstat is a comprehensive growth hacking tool that includes 30 tools to meet all of your SEO requirements. In comparison to other tools, it has 230 regional Google databases that contain 6.7 Billion+ keywords. Their databases are kept up to date regularly.

Serpstat includes a learning school where you can learn about keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO.

It’s one of the best alternatives to SE Ranking that not only provides super useful features but also comes with affordable pricing options.

Let’s look at the features of Serpstat.


  • Website analysis tool: The Serpstat website analysis tool lets you check your website’s ranking for PPC keywords, which is decided by the keyword’s CTR, visibility, organic traffic, and organic keyword ranking.
  • Keyword clustering: The keyword clustering tool allows you to organize keywords by site pages, group keywords for PPC, and create a new site structure based on the semantic core.
  • API Integration: Its API and integration functionality offers ready-to-use integration with any website, and its SEO extension delivers website analysis in minutes.
  • Easy team management: Its team management feature gives users access to the entire team workflow, allows them to regulate team access to various tools, and generates reports on the team’s progress.
  • Checklist: The tool includes a ready-to-use checklist for marketers and SEO specialists to conduct a technical assessment of the Site, create a link profile, etc.


  • Compared to SEMrush’s 500 keywords, Serpstat’s entry plan allows you to track 15,000 keywords.
  • Serpstat offers low pricing and a variety of packages to choose from.
  • Its customer service is exceptional. Businesses can contact them by phone, email, or live chat.
  • Every pricing tier comes with API access.
  • Multi-user mode will help your SEO and content teams.
  • Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Google spreadsheets, Google data studio, and Opera.
  • It also enables you to create customized SEO reports for your clients.


  • It features a simple backlink tool that only gives you a fraction of the data from backlink analysis reports.
  • The data displayed in the keyword rank tracker is a little puzzling.
  • You may come across some bugs on the site from time to time.
  • Site audits take time with large websites.
  • In some cases, keyword difficulty can be misleading.


Serpstat comes with four pricing packages: Lite: $69 per month, which gives access to up to 1 user, Standard: $149 per month, which provides access to up to 4 users, Advanced: $299 per month, which includes access to Up to 6 users, and Enterprise: $499 per month gives access to up to 8 users.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush - Alternative to SE Ranking

SEMRush is a slightly expensive but one of the most powerful SE Ranking alternatives you use to grow your SEO visibility.

It’s an SEO software suite that aids businesses in developing online strategies such as SEO campaigns. You may use this all-in-one digital marketing tool to handle your SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing campaigns all from a single place.

SEMrush can assist you in identifying new trends in your industry. It analyses your on-page SEO and makes recommendations for how to improve your pages. This allows you to have a better understanding of your website and enhance it for SEO purposes.

SEMrush can also help you find important and easy-to-target keywords for SEO. You’ll learn what keywords your competitors use and how well they rank in search engines, as well as other details about them such as backlinks, organic traffic, and more. 

This Semrush tool is designed for folks who require assistance with digital marketing. SEMrush makes SEO simple to understand and implement.


  • Competitor analysis: The competition analysis feature of SEMrush helps businesses discover their most important competitors and provides insight into their marketing operations. The traffic analytics function displays the volume of traffic generated by competitors each month as well as the source of that traffic.
  • Rank Tracker: SEMrush’s Rank Tracking helps you to track your website keyword ranking on various search engines. The rank tracking tools of SEMrush look to be simple and strong enough to allow you to keep track of your search engine performance at all times. As an added benefit, the tool also sends you notifications on any crucial ranking changes in your website.
  • Keyword research: Semrush’s keyword research tool is named as Keyword Magic Tool. This tool will help you find popular keyword ideas for your SEO and PPC campaigns. This can help you find high-volume keywords that are easier to rank for in organic search. 
  • Site Audit: The site audit tool of SEMRush can help you audit your website easily. It analyses your site and notifies you about any technical or on-page SEO issues. The site audit report now includes a core web vitals section. You may check the speed at which your website loads. Assess all problems and work to resolve them for a high-quality web health grade.


  • Semrush’s keyword research helps you uncover the best keywords for your location by conducting extensive and thorough keyword research.
  • It supplies you with a lot of information about your website’s users. Include demographic information about your users, such as gender, age, and location.
  • Backlinks from spammy websites may have a more negative impact on your search engine rankings than you think. The backlink checker from Semrush will help you locate and remove spammy and toxic backlinks easily.
  • Semrush contains all you need to know about SEO, internet marketing, and data analytics.


  • SEMrush includes a vast keyword list and database for management. When conducting keyword research, you may find yourself stuck in a big list of pages of search terms. Managing and dealing with a vast list of keywords is a difficult task.
  • This tool was created with SEO professionals in mind. Despite the fact that it is simple and quick to use, many entrepreneurs and business owners find it too complex to use on their own.
  • There are no white-label reports available from SEMrush. There is, however, an option for ‘branded reports,’ which allows you to use your own logos. It’s a major setback for SEOs, who specifically want to create white-label reports for external clients.


Semrush presently offers three monthly membership options:

  • $119.95 for the Pro version.
  • $229.95 Guru
  • $449.95 for a business

4. SEO PowerSuite

SEO Powersuite

The next tool we have on this list of best SE Ranking alternatives is SEO Powersuite.

If you are a web admin, website owner, and digital marketing professional’, then SEO PowerSuite is for you.

From studying rivals, tracking your keywords across multiple search engines, keyword research, and analyzing backlinks to improving on-page SEO, and auditing your website, you can do everything with this tool. 

SEO Powersuite comes with a suite of tools that consists of Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor, and LinkAssistant. Each tool focuses on a particular SEO activity and saves you a significant amount of time. 

Since its debut in 2005, more than two million+ users have already used this tool to improve their search performance. Some of the firms that swear by it include Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Mastercard, IBM, General Electric, Nestlé, Disney, HP, Cisco, Siemens, and Toshiba.


  • Link Assistant: This tool helps you to analyze your and your competitor’s backlink profiles.
  • Rank Tracker: With this, you easily track your search engine keyword rankings.
  • Website Auditor: Examine your website swiftly to recognize any issues that may affect search engine indexation, rankings, or user experience.
  • SEO Spyglass: SpyGlass analyses the backlinks & keywords of your competitors in great detail.


  • The best thing about SEO PowerSuite is that it has no limitations regarding what users can accomplish with it. You can create as many projects as possible, do unlimited keyword research, add multiple competitor websites and audit sites without any limitation.
  • Above everything, the SEO PowerSuite values its clients. On Facebook, there is a dedicated customer assistance group. You may probably hear back within a few hours after posting your questions.
  • With SEO PowerSuite, you can analyze the on-page SEO of your website, verify your keyword rankings across multiple search engines, track your backlinks, & begin outreach programs for link development. These technologies make it possible to develop a powerful SEO strategy without needing extra software or at a minimal cost.


  • LinkAssistant, one of the tools included in SEO PowerSuite, isn’t as advanced as the others.
  • Target search takes time.
  • Domain Details is not comprehensive.


SEO PowerSuite costs are divided into three main sections. You can use all four tools for free with plenty of limitations. 

The Professional subscription of $299 per year is designed for customers who manage many sites and would like to use all of the software’s features. Finally, the Enterprise plan of $499 per year is ideal for individuals & enterprises with several client websites. It offers all of the advantages of the Professional bundle.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs - Best SE Ranking alternatives

Ahrefs has the world’s most comprehensive and massive index of live backlinks. It has a dependable and accurate backlink analyzer tool that you can use to analyze the backlink profile of any website.

One can use Ahrefs to find out which websites link to a particular URL & how strong those links are. 

Ahrefs is simple to use & offers a wide range of well-justified data monitoring and exporting options. 

Except for its USP backlink monitoring feature, Ahrefs is also loaded with other useful features such as rank tracker, content explorer, and site audit.

It’s obviously one of the most expensive SE Ranking alternatives but the features it provides is just out of the world and can’t be compared.


  • Dashboard: The dashboard of Ahref is quite clean and easily understandable. The Site Audit calculates the Health Score of a website. The Site Explorer gives you essential information about authority, backlinks, and traffic. The Rank Tracker helps you to track keywords on various search engines.
  • Site Explorer: The site explorer is the main attraction of Ahrefs. It lets you examine any website and shows you vital information about websites such as DR, UR, number of keywords ranking, traffic, traffic value, number of backlinks, organic traffic trends, and much more.
  • Keyword Explorer: Keyword Explorer is among the best features of Ahrefs. One can not only search keywords for regular Google searches but also for Amazon, YouTube, and search engines like Baidu, Yandex, and others.
  • Site audit: The audit tool of Ahrefs is very user-friendly. There is also an option to use the web crawler right away and frequently. If you choose the web crawler option, Ahrefs will immediately begin indexing your website. It creates a report containing a website Health Score, errors present on the website, warnings & alerts, and reposts the current condition of the crawl’s characteristics.
  • Rank Tracker: With the help of the rank tracker, you can track the ranking position of specific keywords based on locations. This tracker will display all the keywords you are presently ranking.


  • You may use Ahrefs to undertake keyword analysis for various search engines, including, most notably, YouTube — key rivals often only share Google search data.
  • It provides you with all of the essential tools for an SEO project, including keyword research, backlink analysis, & site auditing.
  • In Ahrefs, analyzing broken links (both internal and external) is quite simple.


  • Its link index is less than Moz and Semrush, two of its main competitors.
  • Customer service isn’t up to the mark.


Ahrefs comes in four distinct pricing tiers, each with its capabilities and monthly restrictions. 

The basic lite plan starts at $99 per month; the Standard program has the pricing of $179 per month, and advanced & Enterprise begin at $399 per month and $999 per month, respectively.

Each plan has the same primary characteristics. The difference is the amount of data you obtain from each category. For example, the Lite subscription allows you to track 500 keywords. On the other hand, the Enterprise plan will enable you to track 10,000 keywords. The features are the same. However, one provides you with 50 times the amount of data to deal with.

6. Spyfu


The last SE Ranking alternatives we have is Spyfu.

SpyFu is a keyword research, and competitive intelligence tool digital marketers use to improve their search engine rankings. 

This tool can help you determine which search phrases in your competitors’ organic and paid search campaigns are the most profitable and driving the most amount of traffic. 

SpyFu helps you to keep a close on your competitor’s both organic and paid search performance. 

Starting from competitor research to keyword research for PPC and search, you can do everything inside this tool.


  • Domain Overview: In SpyFu, the domain overview screen serves as a starting point for additional investigation. You may use this interface to discover trends you want to investigate further. SpyFu will show you plenty of useful metrics such as inbound links, keywords, & rivals after you input a domain name in the search field at the top of the page.
  • Keyword analysis: The keyword analysis feature of SpyFu helps you to undercover keyword ideas that your competitors are targeting or never heard of. You can check out what keywords your website isn’t ranking for, but your competitors are ranking.
  • Backlink analysis: SpyFu has always specialized in keyword and competitor research, but it now it has included a powerful backlink analysis feature. Using this tool, you can check out the backlinks of your competitors and uncover new backlink opportunities.


  • A vital keyword research tool for both paid & organic search.
  • A competitive analysis tool makes finding your top online competitors a breeze.
  • A huge database of keywords and backlinks.


  • The keyword rankings checker is of elementary level.
  • Not suitable for Backlink analysis and site audits.


The cheapest SpyFu bundle compares favorably to competing SEO software companies’ entry-level offerings. The Basic subscription costs $39 per month and gives you unrestricted access to most of the features.

With the Professional bundle of $79 per month, users will get access to additional reporting tools and the SpyFu API.

The Team plan costs $299 a month, and you can add up to 5 team members.

Users who join up for an annual plan will also receive significant savings.

A simplified free version of SpyFu is also accessible. Although it has significant limitations, it’s ideal for users who want a no-risk trial before subscribing.


With the right toolsets and proper SEO strategy, you can skyrocket your SEO growth in no time.

But choosing the right toolset is as important as crafting your SEO strategy.

If you’re looking for some powerful SE Ranking alternatives, these are some of the options you can try out.

But since we’ve built Zutrix and as we have 100% confidence in this tool, we would definitely recommend you to try out Zutrix once.