Every business aims to get their website among top rankings in Google search engine. The higher your website rank, the more traffic you get on your website which in turn leads a way to generate more potential leads for your business.

However, with the increasing competition and complex Google algorithms, it has become more challenging for both small and big businesses to secure the top most rank in Google.

For this, they are struggling hard and experimenting one way or other to boost their search rankings. All they want is to unveil the secret hacks that can significantly improve their rankings in Google. You must have also doing the same. Isn’t it?

If you said yes, then you have landed at the right place. In this blog post, we are going to discuss 8 SEO hacks that you can use easily to get better rankings.

It is important to understand here that ranking on first page of Google or at first position takes time and lots of effort. However, with continuous hard work, consistency and employing organic tricks, you can create a huge difference in your website search rankings.

So let’s start:

Hack 1: Uplift your content game for improved SEO

There is no doubt in the fact that content is the ultimate king. So while creating content for your website, remember these four things- relevancy, accuracy, uniqueness, and evergreen.

Once your content game becomes strong enough, you will not only rank higher in search engines but also get real time customers who will promote your products and services.

To produce high quality content consistently, understand who your target audience is and what they desire. The more your content will relate to your readers, the more visitors you will get on your website.

 So focus on creating content that provides value to your users and complement it with descriptive Meta description and title tags.

Hack 2: Enhance your website user experience

One of the most crucial factors that determine the ranking of a website is its user experience. There are four things that comprise that comprise the user experience- website visits, time given on site, pages per session and bounce rate.

To maintain consistent user experience, make your website highly user intuitive. If your website has a clean interface and proper navigations, then more visitors will come to it and improve your search rank.

Hack 3: Use ‘Zutrix’ to make your keyword research easy and effective

Finding the right keywords that your target audience searches for is the biggest challenge for any business or marketer.

With Zutrix, level up your keyword research and find exact set of keywords that can help you reach the right set of audience and grow your ranking in Google. You can also look for your competitors keywords from this rank tracking software and know on what keywords your competitors are getting most traffic.

Once you have the right keywords, you can optimize your headline and content accordingly and rank well in Google.

Hack 4: Boost your page speed to get more conversions

To improve your rankings and get more conversions, it is imperative to increase the page speed of your website. If you website will upload slowly, then the chances of users bouncing back will increase. So make sure your web pages upload faster to get more conversions and attract more users.

Nowadays, people expect to get information within no time and stick to websites that provides them right information within less time. So, the average page speed should be more than 90 + to boost your rankings and position in Google.

Hack 5: Optimize your website for Google Voice Searches

Do you know more than 60 % users prefer voice search to find answers for their queries? Accordingly to a report by Gartner, 32% of people are interested in having touch free interaction with the devices.

Again, with the advancement of technology, voice search has becoming more popular. So if you are not working on voice search optimization then you are missing out on an important thing. What you can do is write content on your website in a conversational tone based on your target audience needs and queries.

Hack 6: Make sure your website is mobile friendly

With the increasing shift on mobile searches, more than half of the website traffic comes from mobile. So it is important to ensure that your website is performing well for mobile users. If you website is hard to operate on mobile then it can be a huge factor in resulted rank drop.

It is not very hard to test whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Simple go to Google free mobile test and get all the issues your website is facing on mobile. With a clear report and quick suggestions, you can easily optimize your site to run your mobile smoothly.

Hack 7: Do link-building the right way

Backlinks play a significant role in ranking of any website. With high quality Backlinks from authoritative websites and right use of anchor text, you can easily rank for that particular keyword.

Keep in mind that along with external links, internal links are equally relevant. So make sure you have proper interlinked your website pages with suitable anchor text in a natural manner.

Hack 8: Monitor your progress

You would never know if your efforts are showing any results or not if you will not keep a track of your performance. So it is important to regularly analyze your ongoing performance and ranking to get a batter insight of what is working and what not.

Wrapping up

So these are the top 8 hacks you can use to get your website rank higher in search engines. The most important factor to keep in mind is consistently creating valuable and informative content for your readers. Research well to know what your target audience requires and provide them what they want. Keep producing great content and promoting it smartly.