Can a Rank Tracker really change the game?

Every SEO Journey begins with
Rank Tracking, for a reason!

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Real Game-Changer Features

All SEO Journeys start with Rank Tracking because it matters!

Web Development

Firstly, Decide your keywords with Zutrix's Keyword Planner

  • Real-Time Keyword Search Volumes
  • Competition Score
  • Daily Updated CPCs
  • Last Trends
  • Append to your Projects
Responsive Web Design

Thinking about your Next Move?
Let's digg the results in all devices.

  • Desktop / Mobile Results
  • Device Based SERP Features
  • Device Based Location Results
Web Development

You need to know Exact Results
before making a Decision!

  • Charming Accuracy & Metrics
  • Always Accurate & Stable Results
  • Advanced Reporting
Mobile Apps Development

Now, Let's share The Progress with your Team-mates or Customers

  • Share Real Results with Customers
  • Set Rules for Sharing
  • Create Unique / Branded Links
Web Development

Being Rushed? You gotta be right.
Never miss Changes!

  • Telegram, Slack & E-Mail Notifications
  • Custom Rules for Notifications
  • Zutrix Sensor for Frequency
Mobile Apps Development

Great! We are making progress
but, How about Others?

  • Unlimited Competitors
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Smart Suggestions
Web Development

Time to widen your Horizon,
Let's add more Keywords to Repository!

  • SERP Features Analysis
  • Domain Authority, Z-Rating & CTR
  • Search Volume & Competiton Analysis

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