What is SERP Checker [2021 - Definitive Guide!]

SERP stands for 'Search Engine Result Page'.  While the SERP feature is a result on the search engine result page. These include all paid and organic results, video results, featured snippets and knowledge graphs. SERP is an SEO term and it is very important and digital marketing. You type and search for something in your search engine and what you get on your computer screen is called SERP. SERP differs based on every search query based upon the phrase and the keyword used by the consumer while searching. SERP plays a vital role when it comes to SEO.

What is Serp Checker?

It is important to rank a website on a search engine. The higher website ranks the more searches and clicks it would get. It is mandatory for you to check your ranking position in search results especially if there are a lot of competitors against the keyword or the phrase you want to rank your website on, else your site will be ruined. It will further guide you about the tactics that your competitors have used in order to rank high in search engine results. It is mandatory to rely on SERP results in some cases for example, if your website is new and you want to get results earlier. It is necessary for you to check the SERP of your website using any SERP checker available.

There are multiple search engine result page checkers (SERP checkers) available in both free and premium versions. The most prominent ones used by most of the digital marketers are ahref, moz pro and samrush. All these have almost the same features. SERP checker helps you to access certain statistics like keyword difficulty and domain authority of the competitor websites. Through these figures, it is easy for you to make SERP analysis to rank your website high and to improve certain things to make your website SEO friendly against the competitor websites. A good SERP checker shows you SERP results from any location in the world (the search results vary on each location) and it doesn't use any location-specific IP address or any other proxy. There are some features common to all SERP checker tools;

SERP checker helps you to check the ranking difficulty

SERP checker gives you the exact scores about ranking difficulty and SEO statistics for the top search results in a search engine. The ranking difficulty is dependent upon the locations. For instance, in Pakistan, it may be difficult to rank on 'computer science' keyword but in England, it might be not as difficult. It further tells us about domains count, URL rating, backlink count and about domain rating. A good SERP checker provides accurate backlink statistics and SEO matrix as well.

SERP tool and different other parameters

SERP checker provides you with the option to compare and contrast between the search results for desktop and mobile versions. The problem is that certain search engines like Google gives search priority to those websites which are both desktop friendly and mobile friendly. On the basis of SERP check results, you can build or modify your website to get its position higher in search results.

Besides this, a good SERP checker provides comparative results and Statistics on different other parameters as well. For example, in some SERP checkers, you will find the parameter of 'positioning analysis across different search engines'. This option is very important when the competition is very high on a certain niche. Results on a single niche or keyword may be different in two different search engines. By using a good SERP checker you can optimize your website easily.

SERP checker allows you to access position history

Only a few SERP checkers have this option. Through this option you can even rank at the top in a search engine. This option allows you to access the ranking history of the top 5 pages (on the targeted niche) and you can determine whether the search engine (on which the page is ranked) is happy with the SERP or not. If it is not, then you have an opportunity to rank any other relevant page at the top position.